About Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We provide residential and commercial design services. With the aid of cad drafting, we development construction plans that are accurate to read for each and every project.

About us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Preliminary home design sketch for design & CAD drafting services.

International Code Council

Myles McKenzie-Member of International Code CouncilMyles McKenzie is a participating member of International Code Council. International Code Council provides the residential building codes for states such as California and South Carolina. The construction plans that we developed for our clients are produced in accordance with the latest local building codes. In the United States, we also provide residential & commercial constructability plan review.

A few other disciplines that we offer to our clients are project site analysis, 3d Rendering design and landscape design.

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Design is a concept. In everything we do daily, a concept is used…that concept affects our way of life. Furthermore, that design concept can also either be beneficial or detrimental to our daily needs. Consider a new project design for a new custom home, the concept design is of the utmost importance, without the concept, there is no home design.

We take pride in adapting our client’s concept to actual design. On that basis we will work together with our clients. Developing a design to their dream and making it a reality. A good design is a profitable & productive entity. It defines the product, the service & the environment to its owners.

About us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Construction Plan Detail for design & CAD drafting services.

Great residential or commercial design must be more than aesthetically pleasing in order to be practical and meet the financial realities of construction.  At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we have over 30 years of designing and construction plan development experience. We believe that these requirements for good residential design, deserves special attention to maintain this philosophy.

We expect our clients to be partners in the residential design process, so that we can help them to define their needs & requirements in the endless field of possibilities. In this way our client plays a major productive role in the design process. With this philosophy in mind, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design adapts this theme to any size project, whether it is large or small!

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What areas do we serve?

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we do offer our residential and commercial design services to our clients thru out United States and Canada. Contact us for your new residential, commercial project or vacation property in Canada! You can click here to view our Canadian website of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

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Our design studios are in California, South Carolina and also in Canada.