Affordable Housing – Metal Container – Renton, WA.

30 Unit Affordable Housing Complex-Renton Washington-Elevation Plans

Affordable housing is a necessity for all communities. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we have designed a metal container affordable housing complex. The affordable housing complex is designed for an acreage property in Renton, Washington. The proposed location is just 25 miles from the city core of Seattle and 15 miles to Bellevue, Washington.

With the the large proposed property, further housing clusters can be added. Along with additional parking for the new future development.

Site Plan

30 Unit Affordable Housing Complex-Renton Washington-Site Plan.  The project was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Proposed Site Plan – Renton, Washington

Exterior Elevations

For the exterior elevations we have kept the design of them simple and clean. Additionally, the housing clusters will easily be conducive to the Pacific Northwest weather environment. The painted steel exterior structure, will make the housing clusters easy to maintain.

Each unit will also have heating and cooling by the means of high efficiency mini-split duct less systems. Roof top solar panels have been added for additional clean energy as well.

30 Unit Affordable Housing Complex-Renton Washington-Housing Cluster Exterior Elevations.  The project was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Proposed Housing Cluster Elevation Plan – Renton, Washington

Floor Plans

The initial proposed design is consisting of 10 housing cluster, 30 units in total. Each housing cluster, has 3 stackable units. All of the housing units for each cluster, are based upon a reusable 8×20 High Cube Metal Containers.

For the ground level, a ADA designed housing model has been developed for each cluster. All three units in the housing cluster, will have their own bathrooms. Additionally, each of the units will have electric hot-plate, microwave and under the cabinet refrigerator. The second floor and third floor units will also have balcony patio space. Either covered or uncovered.

30 Unit Affordable Housing Complex-Renton Washington-Floor Plans. The project was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Proposed Floor Plan – Renton, Washington

Contact us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would enjoy discussing with you the design development and construction plans for an affordable housing complex or an affordable house design.

You can click on this link provided to view additional metal container projects, that we have designed for our clients.

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