Architectural Products for Home Interiors and Exteriors by Outwater

We often incorporate and source architectural products for our construction plans from Outwater Plastics in Phoenix Arizona.

Architectural Products for home Interiors and Exteriors by OutwaterAt Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, when it comes time to start detailing the construction plans for the interiors or even the exteriors of our custom home and home remodel projects. We find that Outwater provides a variety of architectural products that can be incorporated into most projects. Items such as unique surfacing materials. Interior, exterior wood and polymer architectural mouldings and millwork. Faux wood beams and unique decorative wood carvings. Great items for closet organization, plus they also offer a large variety of LED lighting products that consume very little energy.

We even source out architectural products for our commercial tenant improvement projects were applicable. Items such as store fixture components. They even have tubular framing systems for exhibit displays.

You can view their full catalog of products and order them online at Outwater Plastics.

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