Northwest Modern Home Design

The 9-acre property is a perfect fit for a Northwest modern home design by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design for clients in Washington State. The property has an access path to the lower mid-bank waterfront beach. It’s the perfect getaway property from the city. The property … Continue readingNorthwest Modern Home Design

Modern Sonoran Desert Home Design

A modern desert home design for the Sonoran desert of Arizona from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. From the original concept design, we develop the design further. Upon approval of the new desert home design, the construction plans for our new desert home were developed. Sonoran … Continue readingModern Sonoran Desert Home Design

Modern Home Design-Las Vegas

A modern home design for clients in Las Vegas, Nevada. A modern home style for the contemporary desert lifestyle of Las Vegas. The modern home design is by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. With a large lot to work with, we were able to develop a … Continue readingModern Home Design-Las Vegas