Comments-Clients, Business Colleagues

Comments-Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

Comments from our clients and our business colleagues over the years. We appreciate their comments in regards to the projects that we designed.

A few comments…

Tom T.

Myles drew up plans in 2005 for a two-story 800 sq ft room addition for us. We are using him again to design and construct a custom French country home in downtown Huntington Beach, California. He has wonderful vision and offers insight throughout the design process. His company walked us through the entire design, construction plan development, engineering, grading and permitting process.

We would highly recommend Myles. He does excellent, quality work. In addition, he makes large, complex building projects fun and enjoyable.

A custom home design in a modern French Provencal home style, the great room.
A custom home design in a modern French Provencal home style, the great room.

Dee Ann G.

We took on the project of rehabilitating and renovating a 60-year-old home in significant disrepair on an acre of land in Orange County, California. We interviewed some architects and it became clear that working with a designer was a better choice for us. Luckily, we somewhat stumbled into finding Myles. We found his website, interviewed him and we were able to meet with him at our home.

We vetted several other designers and decided that Myles was our best choice. Myles’ services represent the best investment we made in the property. Here is why we recommend him so highly:

* First, Myles works hard to understand what his customer wants and then helps them realize their vision or dream. While he makes creative suggestions and, I think, shines most brightly in an interactive environment – he does not try to push the customer’s agenda.

*As mentioned, Myles is competitive (we found) in his bid on the job (note: Myles does bring in or work with your choice of a structural engineer as required for a job). But the real value is that he does so much more than we ever expected. He does more than he is obligated to do and does not nickel and dime the customer.

* Myles is also on board to consult during the construction process and despite the precision of his drawings – questions still came up. He was a timely and helpful responder. For bigger jobs like ours, this is crucial.

* And, he does what you’d like a designer to do. He takes what you have (both your ideas and existing structure) and he guides the process to bring it into a reality. Beyond that, he is also sensitive to your budgetary constraints. As our ideas began to blossom, we also had to make sure that we didn’t lose touch with our financial goals. Myles was very considerate and accommodating to help us produce a realistic plan that we still loved.

In the end, we are very pleased with the plan and the end result. We worked with a lot of good people (general contractors, subcontractors, etc.) but we would give our highest praise to Myles.

If you have a moment, he used our home as an example (Italian Country Remodel) perhaps use this link. You’ll see how we turned a cabin-esque wreck into a very comfortable home. We’ve done some landscaping, etc. since, but you will get the idea.

A home remodel design developed into new Italian ranch home style.
A home remodel design developed into new Italian ranch home style for clients in Orange Acres, California by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Tony O.

I called Myles and told him what I was looking for in an architect. Let him know that my wife would be the one that he would be working with on the design of our home. My wife wanted someone who would hear want she was asking for and work with her. Too many times when remodeling our other home. people would listen but not hear her. Myles has been outstanding with the design of our home and my wife couldn’t be happier. Happy wife, happy life.

Additional comments from our clients

Stefanie P.

Myles McKenzie at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design and his team of professionals dedicate time and love to the projects they are taking on. We wanted to find a professional, creative and reliable provider who would help us with our new home. They were a recommendation from some of our friends. We had contacted several similar designers as well, but could not decide on any of them.

What convinced us in the end with Myles Nelson McKenzie Design was outstanding focus on customers. From the first contact we had with Myles, we felt that we were in good hands. Throughout the weeks he and his team work on our project, we felt that they value their customers highly.

They were treating us like very special clients. And they kept the communication going from their end in order to review additional suggestions we made or to discuss additional input from our side. We felt that they just asked us the right questions, and were convinced they would help us along the way with the vision we had in mind.

What is more, they work with a number of reliable contractors. All of the people involved, we have had a very good experience with them.

A Spanish Colonial custom Home design for clients in Paso Robles California by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
A Spanish Colonial custom Home design for clients in Paso Robles California by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Ron G.

Working with Myles and his team is an absolute delight. He offers the perfect balance of carrying out the homeowner’s concepts with his creativity and making it a reality with construction level detail design. We love our completely refurbished home and new stables. The investment in Myles services was by far our best investment in the project dollar for dollar. Can’t say enough good things.

Working with this company has been a great experience.
While sometimes my style differs from their own, they always can bring the room and space together in a cohesive way. Also even if I cannot break the bank, they always have creative solutions for paying less for more! Anyone working with them would be fortunate to get their advice.

Custom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California
Custom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California

Bob W.

What convinced us, in the end, to go with Myles Nelson McKenzie Design was their outstanding focus that Myles had with his clients. From the first contact we had, we felt that we were in good hands, and throughout the weeks they worked on our project, we felt that they value their clients needs highly.

Brenda G.

When visitors come to our remodeled home, they are often surprised to see how well it turned out! It really needed a lot of thoughtful design to match the needs of our family’s lifestyle. But Myles was patience with our times of indecisiveness.

I really feel that we were made the right choice of choosing Myles to design our home remodel project. I can only highly recommend the service that we received to anyone who looks for professionalism, great customer focus, and creativity.

Comments from our Business Colleagues


As a contractor in Orange County, California. I have worked with Myles and his staff for the past 20 years and he has continuously have provided the knowledge and innovative design that we need for our construction projects. We’re very happy to recommend him to our clients for the design phase of their home remodels, room additions and custom homes.

A custom square log mountain home in Flagstaff Ranch. Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
A custom square log mountain home in Flagstaff Ranch. Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design for the construction company of DDBuild.

DesignArt Studios

We have worked with Myles on a few projects. He is a talented designer with a thorough understanding of the design/construction process. You can tell with his enthusiasm that he has a real passion for all aspects of design. He is also very personable and pleasant, which are qualities that make him easy and great to work with.

Golden Rule Garage Door

At Golden Rule Garage Door we always refer Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Newport Beach for the design of any new custom homes or home remodels for our project installations throughout Orange County. We know that customers looking for creative and functional design, as well as guidance through the entire building process, will be extremely satisfied with their service. This company is a pleasure to work with.

Urban Landscape

Myles is a highly dedicated and creative designer. Members of the Urban team have known and worked with Myles for over 25 years of architectural design and would highly recommend him.

Again we appreciate the comments from clients and business colleagues. Contact us today Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we would enjoy designing and creating construction documents for your next project.