Container Home-Custom 2 Story, 4 Units Steel Containers

From time to time, we find ourselves designing and developing real unique residential projects, such as this 2 story custom container home.

MNM Design-2 Sty Custom Container Home

This 1100+/- square foot residence will have 2 bedroom, 2 bath, small garage option, kitchen and great room.

One of the proposed unique features for this custom container home is the two-roll up garage doors with window panels. One large door unit in the great room and the other is in the master bedroom. Open or closed, these door systems will provide great light and views for each room space.

We have designed this project around 4 tall container units that combined together will make the residence shell. The attached is my preliminary design study. Come back shortly and view our construction plans for this custom 2 story container home.

Contact us today for your custom container home for a private residence or vacation home.

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