Custom A-Frame Home Design-Maine

Custom A-frame Home Design for an ocean front property in the state of Maine.

New A-Frame home design for an existing coastal property in the state of Maine. The new home design was develop by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Property Features

We are excited to be developing a new private residence design for our clients. It is located in Saint George, Maine. The existing property is a large spacious property that has a small cottage located on the property near the shoreline. With the large forest of trees located on the coastal property, the new modern proposed A-Frame home design will complement the rugged coastal property.

A selected area of the natural forest grove will be developed for the “off the grid” living lifestyle. A solar farm, water reclamation plan will be developed for this hidden area. This will be beneficial for all year round “Off the Grid” living.

A-Frame Home Features

A-Frame home is a recognizable home style. The true A-frame homes feature angled side rooflines sloping from the ridge line to ground level. A-frame home design can be economically constructed. Perfect for a vacation home in the mountains or by the lake. As a permanent residence, this triangular shaped home style is generally enjoyed in colder climates. Where heavy snow can slide to the ground rather than amassing on the roof top.

A-Frame Building Sections

Master Bedroom Suite

Master Bedroom A-Frame Building Sections-St. George, Maine

Master bedroom suite building section design for the coastal property in Saint George, Maine. High vaulted ceiling’s with large skylights and along with large window walls for the coastal views were developed for the master bedroom. In the master bathroom, it has a sunken soaking tub, an open large shower, commode room and vanity space.

For the main A-Frame section of the new home, the large great room with vaulted two-story space is located. A large kitchen and dining room with exhilarate bedrooms are also located on the ground floor level. On the second floor, a large open vaulted loft is available for guests, along with exterior deck as well.

Great Room/Kitchen/2nd Floor Loft/Deck

Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, 2nd Floor Loft, Deck A-Frame Building Sections-St. George, Maine

Conceptual A-Frame Study Design

The original concept home study design reflects the A-Frame home design that the clients are looking for. A few of the design features of the proposed residence are the roof ridge skylites. Pop-up balcony windows by Velux skylites for the loft level are being considered. The roofing material will be black standing seam metal roofing. A large amounts of gable-end glazing for the spectacular coastal views.

Barn/Studio Design Features

The two-story old style barn is going to be a large workshop, a drive-thru garage, along with additional covered open space on the ground level. The second-story loft studio, will be available for guests and family. From inside of the second-story loft studio, there will be vast ocean front views. These panoramic views can be viewed from each deck and the windows.

Custom Barn, Workshop and Studio Floor Plans for the coastal property in Saint George, Maine.
Custom Barn, Workshop and Studio Floor Plans
John Deere-Farm Tractor for the AFrame Custom Home property in the state of Maine.

Check back and view the progress of the home design development for this custom two story A-Frame home in the state of Maine!

Contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in South Carolina by the link provided. We will enjoy discussing with you, a new home design for your family.

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