Custom Home Design-French Provencal

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom French Provencal Home Design San Clemente California

This new home was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in the classic country home style of French Provencal in mind. The home was constructed using the construction method of steel framing.

Our clients were from the region of the Loire Valley in France. So, they had a very good idea of how a French Provencal home style should look.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Home Design-French Provencal, San Clemente California

Of course as a part of our job creating and developing a custom home design for our clients, it is not only adapting the home design to their desires and needs. But also adapting the custom home design to meet the requirements that can sometimes be dictated by the design of the chosen building lot. And of course, the local building codes also come into play as well. But these are the challenges that we enjoy facing each time we design a new home.

This particular lot had spectacular 180 degree ocean views from the hillsides of north San Clemente California! A part of these spectacular property viewpoints was viewing directly down the center of channel approach at Dana Point Harbor in Dana Point California. The clients wanted that view to be a main focal point for their family room.

Why steel framing for our custom home design in French Provencal style?

This custom home was being built on one of the hilltops of San Clemente overlooking the ocean. With the ocean air elements and the terrain of the property area, the clients chose steel framing for their classical styled residence. Steel construction would eliminate concern for termites, dry rot, and exposed framed wood maintenance from the ocean air that occurs over time.

Steel c-channel material was used for the walls, floor framing and the roof framing. Steel framing construction would also provide the new residence to be earthquake resistant.

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Whether it’s time to remodel, add an addition to your home or build a new home, contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would enjoy discussing a French Provencal home style design for your project and developing a design that will suit your needs.

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  1. What convinced us in the end with Myles Nelson McKenzie Design was their outstanding focus on customers: From the first contact we had with Myles, we felt that we were in good hands!

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