Custom Kitchen Design


From both of our business locations in the United States, at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we provide custom kitchen design.

Over the last 30 years, we have certainly seen a significant improvement to the operation, the functional space and the design of a custom kitchen. Additionally, the presentation of each custom kitchen are also unique, as the owner of the home is. For each client that we work with, they all have various and different needs for their kitchen.

A few features of current kitchen trends to consider for a custom kitchen design are…

  • Mix and Match Finishes – The era of monochromatic kitchens are have become a less desirable finish for custom kitchens. The use multiple colors has become a popular trend.
  • Concealed Storage – Clients continue to gravitate to clean kitchen design. Because of this, concealed storage solutions for small appliances and etc., is a must!
  • Contrasting Hard Surfaces – Whether it is quartz, marble or granite that maybe used for the hard surface of a custom kitchen countertop. The use of contrasting materials, color and patterns have also become a strong trend with our clients.
  • Opening Shelving – Open shelving is replacing some upper cabinets that can make a strong presentation statement.
  • Tall Backsplashes – Tall and wide backsplashes, clad with quartz, marble, granite or tile can provide a kitchen with expansive look.
  • Combining Styles – We have also noticed that clients are enjoying and requesting the use of different styles. Such as for an example, incorporating rustic cabinet finishes with a modern culinary faucets.
  • Adding warmth – Sometimes adding warmth to a custom kitchen design can be rather difficult. Therefor, we sometimes suggest to our clients, the possibility of incorporating some sections of wood countertops. They can visually enhance an area of the kitchen and make it less utilitarian aesthetic.

So, whether you would would like your new kitchen to be designed as a whimsical kitchen, a modern farmhouse kitchen or simply a traditional modern kitchen. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we can design your new kitchen to suit the allocated space for it, additionally and more importantly a kitchen design to suit your lifestyle.

Contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design today. We are located on the west coast in Newport Beach, California and additionally located on the east coast in Bluffton, South Carolina.

We would enjoy designing and developing new construction plans for a new kitchen in your home that will suit your living lifestyle.

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