Custom Mediterranean Hillside Home Design-Sea Pointe Estates

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Mediterranean Hillside Home Design-Sea Pointe Estates-Front Elevation

A custom Mediterranean hillside home design was created for a property in Sea Pointe Estates. Which is located San Clemente, California. This hillside home was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in the year of 2000.

The images of the preliminary custom home design are below. This custom Mediterranean hillside home was set on specially designed Cason foundation structure. 32 Casons developed the foundation platform structure. By this means, we were able to provide two vertical floors of large livable space. The combined floor totals of this custom home design is 4715 square feet.

A Few Details Of Our Mediterranean Hillside Home Design

The main living areas and the three car garage is on the street level, which is the main floor level. Room spaces that look toward to pacific ocean are the living room and family room. The grand entry hall is two stories tall with a vaulted cathedral ceiling. Large cross beams support the vaulted roof structure.

On the lower level has a large master bedroom suite plus additional 3 bedrooms and two baths. The laundry is located on this level as well.

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Site images of construction for the custom hillside home, located in Sea Pointe Estates, San Clemente California.

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