Custom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California

Custom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California

Recently, we had a request to develop a small open horse stable. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are always happy to work with returning clients. The small custom horse stable was design for a rural property in Orange Acres, California.

A few years back in Orange Acres California, a client asked us to develop a large home remodel design and home addition design. The home design was developed in a rural Italian Ranch home style. The specific property is zoned for small farm, horse stables. Time had come for a new custom horse stable to be designed. The clients wanted a horse stable design, that was easy to build and very durable for the horses.

The horse stable needed to be custom designed to fit the open space at the head of the horse corral. The result, the stable is large enough for two horses comfortably. The tack house was developed to match the stable design.

Custom Open Horse Stable Image Gallery

Various pictures are provided. The new horse stable under construction, along with additional images of the custom stable completed.

(Click here for home remodel design for the existing residence, created in Italian Ranch home style.)

Contact MYLES NELSON McKENZIE Design. We would enjoy speaking with you on developing a horse stable design to meet your needs for your horses and your property!

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  1. I really liked this horse stable! After retiring this January, I took up a horse farm and devote all my time to it! I thought about making a stable with my own hands, but I didn’t like any option as much as this one. I’ll definitely need some help with the construction in this case. Thanks for sharing.

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