Design Development

design development phase by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

What is the design development phases for a custom home, home remodel or commercial project?

 In order to accomplish a full set of permitted construction plans, often you need to develop the concept design further.

First item that we like to do with our clients, is to sit down with them and to converse with them about their new home or remodel needs. If it is appropriate, develop some thumbnail sketches, based upon their needs and their desires for their home. This is our concept design phase.

The quick thumbnail sketch is a favorite design tool for many architects and designers. It can really help define the overall design direction and intent of the proposed project. A thumbnail sketch can also spark conversation about natural light. Where it comes and how it comes into play with their new residence. It also can spark conversation about particular building materials, interior, and exterior finishes, room placement in the residence.

Concept sketch for cottage home style remodel.
Concept sketch for cottage home style remodel.

Our next part of the design phase is the design development phase. It is a very important phase in develop the design for a new custom home or a remodel project further. While we are still sketching design features, elevations, spaces and general layouts, the design development drawings is where we really lock in the unique project features. The dimension of room and outdoor connecting spaces. It is at this point that the client is now seeing and little more formal presentation of the overall proposed project design.

Upon approval of the design development plans, we will start the development of the construction plans.

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