Details of a Master Bedroom

Details of a Master Bedroom Design by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

The master bedroom design can be really a unique and special room in a home! Especially, this is true because of the needs of each and every client of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. A few current ideas for a new master bedroom remodel or bedroom addition design.

A master bedroom design can be developed in a large variety of styles, room shapes and sizes. So because of this, we often spend a great deal of working with our clients. Spending time in designing and developing the master bedroom for our client’s new home or for their proposed bedroom remodel.

A few details of a Master Bedroom that we discuss with our clients.

Since most people spend a great deal of time in their master bedrooms, it’s important to think about not only how the master bedroom should look, but how it can function for each client’s lifestyle.

Additionally, it’s almost goes without saying, the importance of the require room space for furniture and traffic flow. Room materials, ceiling design, colors, textures, natural light and other necessary evening or accent lighting are also important items to discuss.

We also discuss few other amenities for today’s lifestyle such as, will their be media of some sort in the room. If so, the size, the location and how it will be accessible for the clients. What type of power and wiring for the media that will be needed.

Is their a required space need for a coffee maker or small wine cooler. These are just a few other details that we also consider when developing the master bedroom layout for a new custom home design or a home remodel design.

Contact us today, we would be happy to discuss a design for your new master bedroom.

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