Home Design for Remodels & Room Additions-Newport Beach, California

For over the last 30 years, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Newport Beach has been specializing in home design. Home design for remodels and room additions.

Home Design for Remodels & Room Additions

Close up of a plan on a construction drawing.

Serving clients in Orange County California and thru-out the western United States and Canada.

Home Design for Remodels & Room Additions

As a home designer, not only do we possesses years of expertise in designing and developing the construction documents. But in addition to this we have many years of experience on actual construction sites performing the actual job themselves.

They are developed as a result of all of the design decisions that have been made. Our construction plans also are developed with a builder in mind. Make the project a buildable project. The construction plans communicate to the building officials, building contractors, material suppliers, lenders and others what they need to know about the project.

We always mention to our clients that is easier to develop a project on paper. Which is always less costly and time-consuming than developing the project in the field during construction!



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  1. A. Martinez says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I wanted to thank you again for designing and developing plans for our home remodel in Newport Beach. We have enjoyed working with you!

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