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Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Mountain Home Design, Paradise California

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Newport Beach, we have been selected to create a new rustic mountain home design for our clients in Paradise California.

The city of Paradise, California was devastated by the “Camp Fire” wildfire in 2018. The devastation was widespread. Eighty-five people died in the wildfire. Tens of thousands were displaced in the city and the surrounding community area.

The view of the existing property after property cleanup as of 2019.

Residents in the city of Paradise are a resilient group of people. So many of the long-time residents are rebuilding because of the natural beauty of the city’s location.

Paradise is a town in the Sierra Nevada foothills, located in Butte County, California. Which is above the northeastern Sacramento Valley.

Paradise the city, and the owner’s particular lot is located on top of a large hill plateau with beautiful valley views. The surrounding forest has been burned out for the most part. But new growth is starting to come back slowly.

Proposed Home Design Paradise California

The size of the proposed home design is 2374 square feet. We created the homestyle for the private residence to be developed as a mountain rustic ranch home. It would suit the community and the surrounding rural terrain.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The open kitchen and the large great room is adjacent to the front dining room space. The new home design for the proposed rustic mountain home was developed with front and rear porches. The rear porch and the great room are divided by a double-sided large fireplace.

Home Design-Floor Plan

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Paradise California-Rustic Mountain Home Design-Concept Floor Plan.

Exterior Elevation Views

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Paradise California-Rustic Mountain Home Design-Concept Front, Left Exterior Elevations.
Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Paradise California-Rustic Mountain Home Design-Concept Rear, Right Exterior Elevations.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. An award-winning custom home designer with studio offices in Newport Beach, California. You may also contact us in Bluffton, South Carolina.

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss with you, a new custom home design to fit your family’s lifestyle and residential needs.

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