Home Remodel Design Country-Capistrano Beach, CA

Home remodel design for the beach community of Capistrano Beach, California, in a Country Cottage home style.
Custom Home Remodel Design-Cottage Country Style-San Clemente California

Home remodel design for home in Capistrano Beach, California.

We started developing home remodel designs for clients in Capistrano Beach back in 1988. As a residence of Capistrano Beach, we have a very good idea of the laid back casual lifestyle of this beach community.

A new complete home redesign to an existing 1 story ranch style tract home. We developed a new 2nd floor addition with additional auxiliary bedrooms and new master suite. It was designed to capture the beautiful ocean views towards the northwest with Catalina Island in the distance.

We incorporated west coast country cottage style elements that were implemented into the new overall home style design by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

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