Home Remodel, Italian Design-Orange County, CA

Back in the 90’s, we had a contractor approach us, he wanted to remodel a particular property in Capistrano Beach into an Italian villa home style.

Italian Villa Home Remodel

The residence had been partially remodeled before and eventually the project was not completed. Leaving the existing residence in a real construction mess. Aesthetically, the project needed to be brought back to life. A great deal of construction work was required to bring the residence to the then current building code.

So, he asked if we could design and develop construction plans for an rural Italian villa home style based upon what had been remodelled. We then developed a home design that would enhance the existing structure. The design also had to be approved by the city planning and building department.

With design development plans approved, construction plans for the rural Italian villa home style began for the uncompleted residence. The end result is what we see today! The rural Italian villa style has aged gracefully and the residence still looks great today!

Italian Home Remodel Design-Orange County, CA

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