Home Remodel-Italian Ranch-Orange Acres, CA

A home remodel design developed into new Italian ranch home style.

The clients for this particular project, fell in love with this particular small farm property in Orange Acres California. But felt that the residence desperately needed a home remodel.

The original residence was built in the 50’s. It had a very worn presence. Our clients asked of us, what we could do with the property. Could the property be updated with a feasible construction budget? Or would a new home remodel be unattainable. After spending time with them and listening to the needs, we suggest converting the old 50’s mountain style residence into an Italian style ranch home style.

Concept Studies

In our design at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we went to work and developed a new home remodel design. The new home style was created in a new Italian Ranch home style. This particular home style was really complimentary to the rural community of Orange Acres.

Italian Ranch Home Remodel Features

For the first phase on the home remodel, the contractor had to demo the existing entry, dining room, living room and patio area. This created space for new entry, great room and along with a proper sized dining room. All of which, checked the client’s wish list.

A new detached 3 car garage was also designed for the first phase of construction as well. It too was also designed with the same Italian ranch home style that was develop for the property in Orange Acres, California.

In the second phase of the project, the horse stables and horse corral would be developed on a lower level of the property. (Click here for new horse stables and corral.)

Italian Ranch Home Remodel Images

The home presentation that you see today is exactly the home remodel design that was developed.
Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Images-Existing Residence

Images-New Remodeled Residence

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