Home Remodel, Italian Ranch-Orange Acres, CA

A home remodel for a property in Orange Acres California. The clients for this particular project fell in love with this particular property. But, they felt that the residence needed desperately to have a home remodel since it was designed to originally look like if it was meant to be in Big Bear. The residence was originally built in the 1950’s.

Our clients asked of us, what we could do with the property. After spending time with them and listening to the needs, we suggest converting the old 50’s mountain style residence into an Italian style ranch. Considering that in another phase, a horse stables and corral would be developed on a lower level of the property.
(Click here for new horse stables and corral.)

So, we developed a new residential design for the existing residence to become the home presentation that it is today! We also develop new designs for the new additions to the existing residence, this would be needed to accommodate the overall new proposed home design. A new detached 3 car garage was also designed for the first phase of construction.

Click on the existing and home remodel images for an enlarged view.

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