It’s time for a luxurious soaking tub!

It’s time for a soak in the tub, forgo soaking in the murky water of your kids bath! It’s time for a proper soak and relaxation in a luxurious soaking tub.

A soaking tub recommendation…

On one of our home remodel projects that we have designed at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we have created a luxurious resort feel master bath for the project owners. In part of the master bath, where the tub space is allocated, they wanted an elegant tub presentation.

We have chose a free standing soaking tub from OVE Decors. The soaking tub model-Rachel 70 is actually sold by Home Depot. It was chosen because it will create a striking focal point as you walk into the main part of the master bath. It’s sleek, euro contemporary style will diffidently enhance the master bath space, creating a great atmosphere for a great soak!

Check back and view our construction images of the remodelled master bath designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Using the Rachel 70 soaking tub from Home Depot.

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