New Craftsman Style Custom Home-Orange, California

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Craftsman Style Custom Home-Orange, California

For our clients in the city of Orange, California. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we designed a 2-story Craftsman-style custom home for a narrow city lot.

Because of the narrow city lot, we develop a 2 story Craftsman-style custom home that is a little over 2300 square feet of inhabitable space.

Craftsman-style custom home design-1st floor plan.
Craftsman-style custom home design-2nd floor plan.

The craftsman-style home was mostly found in California, during the early twentieth century. But the Craftsman home style became popular and also appeared throughout the United States.

Located in Pasadena California, Henry and Charles Greene were southern California local architects. They were largely responsible for the Craftsman home style movement of the early twentieth century. Local building traditions and the influence of Japanese architecture were large factors of the craftsman design development.

Craftsman Home Design Features

A few of the hallmark features of a Craftsman home design are emphasizing horizontal building lines. The over-extended and exposed eaves and beams. Other decorative elements would be wood brackets or lintels.

Spacious front porches would have thick tapered columns. Also, this home style would have painted wood siding and or wood shakes. Divided light wood frame windows and an extra-wide front door are other elements.

We would enjoy designing and developing a new Craftsman-style custom home that will suit the living lifestyle of your family. Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

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