New Duplex Residence, Santa Ana California

Residential and Commercial Realistic 3D Renderings-New Duplex Residence, Santa Ana California

Recently, at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Newport Beach, we have designed a new duplex residence for an existing property in Santa Ana, California.

A development company from Irvine, California came to us. They asked if we could design a custom duplex residence for their property. This duplex project will be constructed as a prefab residential modular unit.

Additionally, this duplex residence project will be built offsite. Then the duplex residential modular units will be brought to the property site. Where they will be assembled together on site. The expedited onsite construction phase will start from the completed foundation phase to building completion.

We are excited to see the quick construction of these custom duplex residences. The finished result of this duplex in Santa Ana California is planned for 2017.

Duplex residences street-view renderings.

The rendering images below are the proposed exterior designs for the new custom duplex residence.

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