On The Boards-Mediterranean​ Home Style

Mediterranean​ Home Design-Home Design Concept

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we had a previous client come in. They asked if we could design a new home in a Mediterranean​ home style. We were eager to design a new home for our clients in Huntington Beach, California.

The Mediterranean​ home design style is one of many home styles that suits the easy-going indoor-outdoor lifestyle of Southern California.

Additionally, the Mediterranean home style comes from the classical Italian, and Spanish architecture in Europe. This home-style usually has stucco or plaster exteriors. Stone is sometimes incorporated as an accent feature. Additionally, stucco or plaster cornice details for the eaves. For the roof, round roof tiles are used to create shady overhangs. Another design element is the long narrow windows and the exposed beams.

The vast majority of Mediterranean styled homes include loggias. They are commonly known today, as covered patios. Loggias are ideal for the California outdoor living rooms and or dining spaces.

Loggias spaces were originally designed to catch breezes and have an outdoor living area in any cooler environment.

Wallace Neff was among the most famous to design early California Spanish Colonial or Mediterranean styled homes in the Los Angeles area. You can still see his beautiful homes today in the cities of Pasadena and San Marino, California.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-On The Boards-Mediterranean​ Home Design-Turner Kitchen, Dining Room Great Room Design
On The Boards-Design Plan 2 for a New Kitchen, Dining Room and Great Room Area

So, on the boards, we have a new home design concept with various rustic Mediterranean​ home style elements.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Mediterranean​ Home Design-Home Design Concept
Proposed Front Exterior Mediterranean​ Home Elevation Design

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