Open your home to the beauty of the outdoors with Centor door systems!

Centor doors systems bring together phenomenal integrated door design with effortless door opening and movement. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Newport Beach California, we are constantly looking for new products and services that will enhance the functionality of our clients home designs and their lives.

The uniqueness of Centor integrated door systems are the slim, symmetrical door panels. The door hinge hardware hidden from sight. Plus, Centor integrated door systems has unique integrated screens and shades that simply roll open to create a clear opening.

 The ultimate Centor door system…

Centor's Integrated Cornerless Folding Door

For example, one of the most unique door systems that we have ever seen, is the Centor’s Integrated Cornerless Folding Door.  It has been designed with the same clean lines as their Integrated Folding Doors. A corner room opening of spanning up to 15′ 8 3⁄8″.  One of the other beautiful aesthetic features of Centor’s Cornerless Folding Door is variety of solid wood interior material that available.  The exterior of the doors system come in a variety of durable aluminium exterior colors from Centor door systems.

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