Our Vision for Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Our Vision for Design

Every great home design starts as a concept. In everything that we do daily, a concept is used…that concept can affect our way of life in many ways. It can either be beneficial or detrimental to our daily needs. In designing a custom home or a home remodel, a concept is of the utmost importance for a starting point. For without a concept, there is no design.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we take pride in adapting our client’s concept to actual design. On that basis we will work together with our clients to design their dream and actually make it a reality. A good design is a profitable and productive entity. It defines the product, the service and the environment to its owners.

A good home design or home remodel design must be more than aesthetically pleasing in order to be practical and meet the financial realities. Additionally at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we believe that these requirements for a good design & planning deserve special attention to maintain this philosophy.

We expect our clients to be partners in the design process, so that we can help them to define their needs and requirements in the endless field of possibilities. In this way our client plays a major productive role in the design process. With this philosophy in mind, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design adapts this theme to any size project, whether it is large or small.

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Our reputation rests upon the success of the presentation of the final built Custom Home or Commercial project. We welcome all clients to share our ambition of design excellence.

Myles McKenzie

Myles McKenzie is a Award Winning Designer

2018 winner of “Best Building Design Company 2018 & BUILD Excellence Award for Most Varied Residential Designs-California 2018”. Click on the link and view the presentation article in
BUILD-Review Magazine.

View one of our projects, that we have designed for a returning client, this was their second home project. A new custom home design that starts with the original home and demolition of it, thru the construction of the new home design and on to the completion of it.