Participating Member of International Code Council


Myles McKenzie from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is a participating member of International Code Council. The International Code Council is dedicated to developing model codes and standards that are used in the design, build and the compliance process of construction.

International Code Council-Participating Member-Myles McKenzie-Myles Nelson McKenzie DesignA few of the comprehensive codes for building plans are…

  • International Building Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • International Existing Building Code
  • International Fire Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • International Green Construction Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Plumbing Code

For example, International Code Council provides the residential building codes that we incorporate into our construction plans for clients in the states of California and South Carolina. They also provide technical evaluations for building products through their evaluation service at

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is a residential and commercial design service. Providing construction plans for new homes, home remodels and additions. We additionally provide construction plans for commercial projects as well.

Serving clients from Hilton Head South, Carolina on the east coast of the United States. Additionally, serving clients on the west coast from Newport Beach, California.

Contact us today, we would enjoy discussing developing construction plans using the building codes from International Code Council.

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