Printable Construction Plans

Printable Construction Plans for our residential & commercial projects. Approved full size documentation can be printed for our clients projects.

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Design Plans
Construction Plans
Structural Plans/Calcs
Grading Plans
Title 24/MEP Plans

Our approved plans are in PDF documentation format. This service is available at no charge to clients, contractors, construction trade. They are only available for designated project construction/city and-or counties submittal purposes.

The images below are provided links for Printable Construction Plans that you can view and print full size.

Please Note: These drawing documents and specifications are an instrument of service, copyright and the property of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. They shall not be used or reproduced in part or whole, except by written agreement with the Architect or Designer of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Their use or publication shall be restricted to the original project site in which they were design for. Written dimensions shall be verified on the job site. Any discrepancy shall be brought to notice of the Architect or Designer of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design prior to the commencement of any construction.

We invite trademans and clients to contact us for any Printable Construction Plans questions. You can contact us by email at or by phone in California at 949-683-6895 or in South Carolina at 843.505.1031.

Current Projects

Please note, these are very large files and may take a few moments to upload into a PDF Formatted file.

Kertin Remodel Rev_1 20171019​

Lake-Printable Construction Plans-Structural Plans
Lake – Construction/Structural Plans
Tiwari-Construction Plans Tiwari-Construction Plans-Revision 3
Tiwari – Construction Plans  Tiwari – Construction Plans Revision 3
Construction Printable Documentation-2015 Turner Construction Plans Construction Printable Documentation-Structural Plans/Turner
Turner – Revised Construction Plans Turner – Revised Structural Plans
Construction Printable Documentation-2017 Kertin Construction Plans Construction Printable Documentation-2015 Turner Construction Plans
Bosch/Kertin – Construction Plans
Construction Printable Documentation-2017 Theisen Construction Plans-Project 1
Theisen – Construction Plans-Project 1
Construction Printable Documentation-Commercial Tenant Improvement Design Plans/Rhino Sacramento
RTC/Sacramento-Design Plans
Construction Printable Documentation-Design Plans/Blooming Bean
Blooming Bean-Construction Plans

Construction Printable Documentation for our new custom home, home remodel projects. Also, Construction Printable Documentation for our commercial tenant improvement projects as well.


Construction Printable Documentation-Project sign/Gray

Construction Project Sign, Orange Acres, California