Space solution for Tiny House Kitchen Design

With the popularity of the tiny house, a solution for tiny house kitchen design is at its premium! The kitchen space always becomes an issue, of how much allocated space that is really needed for the kitchen area.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Mini Kitchens

Tiny House Kitchen Design Tiny House Kitchen DesignYestertec for example, creates stealth mini kitchen units to look like a piece of furniture, which blends right into your decor. While Summit Appliances provides a variety of slim size refrigerators and small sized stoves. Tiny house kitchen appliances in the appropriate appliance size.

Another option for the tiny house micro sized kitchen is the pre-fabricated units from Avanti. They make a 30″ and 36″ complete compact kitchen unit. ABT Appliances sell these units at an retail price of $629.00 with shipping anywhere in the United States. Quite a good price, considering what you receive!

The base size unit which is 30″ comes with 2.2 Cu. Ft. all refrigerator, two electric heating elements (500/900 Watts). Also it comes with a  stainless steel sink with faucets and stainless steel countertop. A separate storage area with door and pull-out drawer. It comes in white with stainless steel finish.

You can view additional information below for a few companies that are providing mini modular stations for the kitchen area of a tiny house.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, for a kitchen work station, their are some great solutions that fit the needs of a tiny house kitchen design!


Tiny House Kitchen Design

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