Spanish Colonial Revival Home Design

Spanish Colonial Revival-Spanish Colonial Revival home style has become a very classical form of Spanish architecture in the United States. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Newport Beach  California, we enjoy designing and developing this particular home style for our clients for their custom home and home remodel projects.

This residential style first started in the early 1900’s and continued strongly in the states of California and Florida until the late 1930’s, and we see many variations of this home style today.

George Washington Smith, a renown architect and painter, popularize the Spanish Colonial Revival movement in the Californian city of Santa Barbara and the neighboring town of Montecito during the early 1900’s. His development of Spanish Colonial architecture was heavily influenced by the Spanish farmhouses in Andalusia, Spain. Before his death in 1930, Mr. Smith designed some 80 homes in this particular home style.

Spanish Colonial Revival-Custom Home Design Paso Robles,California

Custom Home Design-Spanish Colonial Revival Home style in Paso Robles, California by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Another Californian architect that was known to design in that “California” Style was Mr. Wallace Neff. He too was busy in the early 1900’s developing the movement of Spanish Colonial architecture. Most of his work was in Los Angeles and the suburb of San Marino in Pasadena. His work was popular and he was well known for being the “architect” of the movie stars of the 20’s and 30’s. He designed elegant Spanish Mediterranean homes for Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., and Mary Pickford. A few other notable projects were designed for clients, such as Mr. &amp Mrs. Singer and Mr. & Mrs. Gillette.

A few design elements of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture are;

The roofs are designed to be low-pitched multi level hipped and/or gable roofs and are typically covered with red clay tiles. An essential element of Spanish Colonial Style architecture are the Exterior, interior walls and chimneys; they are covered with smooth white or earth tone plaster. Other details are interior built-in alcoves, niches and exterior arcades, which are a series of arches supported by columns.
Hand-painted tiles are sometimes used for added detail of the stair risers. For interior lighting, wall sconces and chandeliers are used. Recessed wood casement windows and doors are designed to be narrow in width. Exterior front and side doors are usually heavy weighted wood doors, often elaborately carved or paneled. Sometimes there will be additional ornate concrete trim details around the front door.

Narrow French doors provides easy access to outdoor balconies, patios and terraces. Ornate decorative wrought ornamental iron work on window grilles and stair railings are also a hallmark style detail. Courtyards and patios provide elegant outdoor living spaces, often with fireplaces. Another feature is small porches or balconies. They can be covered or open.

Spanish Colonial Revival - Mahahual, Mexico-Hotel Project

Boutique Bungalow Hotel, Majahual/Cancun, Mexico-Spanish Colonial Revival by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are located in Newport Beach, California and also in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact us today, we would enjoy designing and creating construction documents for your next Spanish Colonial Revival home.

A small list of cities that we commonly work in and custom design new homes and remodeled homes are Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Pasadena, San Marino, Santa Barbara, San Juan Capistrano, Redondo Beach, Burbank & Santa Monica.

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