Spanish Colonial Villa-San Clemente, California


Many years ago in San Clemente California, a local architect was redesigning an existing home. His chosen new home style for the existing residence that was of a Spanish Colonial Villa. A very popular home style for the Southern California lifestyle.

He had requested an illustrated view of the new home redesign. He felt that it would really helped his clients see his project vision with the new Spanish Colonial Villa illustrated home presentation.

Illustrated view of an Spanish Colonial Villa

So, we were very pleased when he asked us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design to develop this illustrated rendering. We also provided this service for each of our client’s construction plan title sheets. An artist illustrated home view really shows how the project is going to look.

Of course with modern technology, in the architectural field we are able to produce 3D realistic renderings that are truly spectacular in presentation.

So whether it’s an beautifully designed Spanish Colonial Villa or a simple redesign commercial project. Contact us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design today for illustrated custom home or commercial project renderings.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of the new proposed home design.

Spanish Colonial Villa-San Clemente, California

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