Spanish Revival Home Style Addition

Spanish Revival home style addition by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design Irvine California

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are designing a whole house make-over into a Spanish Revival home style. The new home addition in Tustin, California has given us a great platform for the redevelop the existing residence homestyle.

Spanish Revival Addition Concept Design

The second floor addition consist of a new large guest suite with private bath. New media area for the kids, along with a new large laundry room that will be conveniently located near the all of the second bedrooms. Adding also a new office space as well.

View the preliminary floor plans below.

Prelim Spanish Revival Floor Plan Design

Spanish Revival Addition-Tustin California-Prelim Floor Plans by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Spanish Revival Addition-Tustin California-Prelim Floor Plans

For the casual Southern California lifestyle, the Spanish Revival home style is a classic presentation for any home. The Spanish Colonial Revival home style was created in southern California in the early 1920s. Click on the link provided and view one of our other custom home designs developed in this classic homestyle.

One of the premier architects that help start this classic California home style in the 20’s was Wallace Neff. For example, he had gone to Spain and studied the classic old world architecture style. It was so complementary to the region. He later applied the classic details and features that he had studied to the his architectural designs. It was so very complementary to the then, Southern California lifestyle and environment.

Contact us today Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would enjoy speaking with you and developing a Spanish revival home style for your existing residence or for a new custom home.

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