Metal Container ADU

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are very excited to be to be designing and developing Metal Container ADU plans for our clients Roof and Realm. ADU (Auxiliary dwelling unit) residences are very popular in California. This is because of the limited city space for … Continue readingMetal Container ADU

Lake Cabin Design-Delaronde Lake, Saskatchewan

Our lake cabin design is an open floor plan. It has a single bedroom and one bath adjacent to the main living and kitchen area. The cabin design is 444 square feet in size. We also developed the open floor plan with an open loft … Continue readingLake Cabin Design-Delaronde Lake, Saskatchewan

A Vacation Cottage Design-Newborn Lake, Ontario

A tiny custom vacation cottage was designed for a client in the rural lake community in Newborn Lake, Ontario. This vacation cottage design was develop by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada. This custom designed vacation cottage floor plan layout from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design consists … Continue readingA Vacation Cottage Design-Newborn Lake, Ontario

Small Home Renovation and Addition-Canada

In the Canadian town of Bengough Saskatchewan, a small home renovation design was developed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada. The small house design was with a rear second-floor room addition. The existing small home was over 100 years old. Upon early inspection, the old residence … Continue readingSmall Home Renovation and Addition-Canada

Small House Design Vacation Property-Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

A custom small house design was developed for a vacation property in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan Canada. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Canada, we develop the home design for this particular small house to meet the needs of our client. The exterior materials for our … Continue readingSmall House Design Vacation Property-Regina Beach, Saskatchewan