Custom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California

Recently, we had a request to develop a small open horse stable. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are always happy to work with returning clients. The small custom horse stable was design for a rural property in Orange Acres, California. A few years back in Orange … Continue readingCustom Open Horse Stable, Orange Acres, California

Trex-Sustainable Outdoor Decking Material

At Myles Nelson Mckenzie Design, we are often asked about various types of decking material. We recommend the outdoor decking material from Trex. During the design phase of our projects, we often discuss the use of outdoor deck and decking material with our clients. Then … Continue readingTrex-Sustainable Outdoor Decking Material

Ultrasuede Fabrics-Interior & Furniture Coverings

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are very happy to provide Ultrasuede fabrics to our clients. They create the world’s premier suede fabric! Ultrasuede as a fabric, is both child and pet-friendly. It will continue to look and feel luxurious to the touch for any custom designed … Continue readingUltrasuede Fabrics-Interior & Furniture Coverings