Tiny House Mountain Vacation Home

In our custom home design series, another tiny house mountain vacation home designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Recently, we had clients that wanted to have a tiny vacation house for mountain retreat near Big Bear, California. They were looking for a tiny house that was the size of approximately 400 square feet.

Tiny house mountain vacation home features.

So we develop a new 1 story floor plan with a loft above the proposed 1st floor bedroom. The loft gave the clients some additional needed space.

In this mountain vacation home, we added a full kitchen and a full bath. Both items were critical on the client’s wish list. Also a full size¬†front porch was added to front of this vacation cabin. As the clients expressed, “A place were you can go out and sit on a rocker and enjoy the property’s views for a few hours”.

With design studios in Newport Beach California and in Hilton Head South Carolina you should contact us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we would be happy to develop a design for a tiny house mountain vacation home for your family.

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