West Coast Cottage Home Remodel Design

Residential and Commercial Realistic 3D Renderings-Cottage Home Remodel Design

Recently, we were selected to design a new exterior design for an existing ranch style home in Yorba Linda California. A west coast cottage home remodel design was developed for the new proposed home style.

A Few Features Of This Cottage Home Remodel Design

We totally redesigned and enlarged the front entry to be as shown in our images. New decorative front entry arched gable beam and eave braces were added. Originally, we had designed a flat roof entry gable beam. But we were inspired by the client to design and developed the arch beam entry.

Cottage Home Remodel Design

The courtyard walls are low with caps and a trellis cover structure were added to the front elevation.

Existing exterior materials were worn out. It was horizontal siding with vertical trim. They did little to enhance the existing residence. So we added new exterior materials. A combination of exterior stone veneer from Eldorado Stone with new Hardie board siding and Hardie shake shingle. A new cottage style garage door was also added into our home remodel design.

Feel free to contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design to discuss how we can enhance your residence with a new home remodel design.

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