Commercial Design

Whether it is a free-standing commercial building design or a commercial tenant improvement project. We provide the necessary design, construction documentation, structural design, and MEPS plans that are required. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we provided these commercial design services for our clients across the United States.

Benefits of Commercial Project Design with Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

One of the greatest benefits of working with Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is our ability to be adaptable for each commercial project design.

Each project receives individual attention from our project designers, architects, and engineers throughout the development of the project documentation.

Concept Store Design-Stuttgart Performance Newport Beach, California
Concept Store Design-Stuttgart Performance Newport Beach, California.

By working closely with our clients, this process provides the exact construction plan documentation that they will need. This also helps in meeting the local governing city or county’s planning and building department approval.

We also provide our clients with the option of seeing 3D renderings and or concept project videos. This is a great tool to use before we start the project construction plans. These images are a great asset to those looking to build such as contractors, project developers, and investors. 3D renderings and concept videos allow the clients to actually “walk through” the project structure. This provides something tangible that they can look at before any unchangeable steps are taken.

Commercial Design Projects

We have designed structures for light retail. Focusing on their ability to draw in customers and showcase their wares. Additionally, we developed tenant improvement construction plans for office buildings and hair salons. Designing spaces that give each employee a great environment to spend their days in. Also, we have also designed projects for restaurants, training centers, and industrial use spaces.

Our knowledgeable design team and engineers have successfully served clients with a broad range of businesses.

Commercial Tenant Improvement Project, Sacramento, California

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, a commercial designer in Las Vegas, Nevada, and additionally located in Bluffton, South Carolina.

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss together with you, a commercial free-standing building or tenant improvement space design for your needs.

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