Custom Prefab Modular Home Designs

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Prefab Modular Home Designs-Lot 3 Presentation Plan-Custom Modular-Floor Plan.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we created custom prefab modular home designs for a small tract of properties in the old town area of Santa Ana California.

These custom cottage home designs are for a client in Newport Beach. The prefab modular builders are Hallmark-Southwest Corp. A modular home company that builds their modular home sections on site in Loma Linda California.

What is the custom prefab modular home design to complete the home process?

For your specific lot, we design and provide a client approved custom modular home design to Hallmark-Southwest.

Each modular home project begins with site-specific modular structural engineering that accounts for applicable snow loads, wind loads, and earthquake zones.

The modular plans are engineered and sent for approval to a 3rd party state inspection that will review the construction plans complies with all applicable building codes.

Upon receiving state approval, construction of the structural frame and each modular section we designed for our client’s specific needs begins. In the meantime, the site preparation and the construction of the raised concrete block foundation with rough plumbing and electrical begin as well.

Custom prefab modular home sections that are energy-efficient are transported to the project site on a trailer. Hallmark’s on-site staff, along with a large crane, will assemble and connect the module sections together. All of the modules’ sections, including their mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, will be connected together.

The turn-key custom home is almost done by this point!

Completion of the property’s landscape and hardscape is the next step. Once done, the new home can be completed in just a few days to a few weeks.

View our 3 Custom Prefab Modular Home Designs-Washington Square, Santa Ana California

Lot 1-Lowell Street

New Residence Area Calculations:

Residence 1744 SF

Garage 448 SF

Lot 2-Lowell Street

New Residence Area Calculations:

Residence 1542 SF

Garage 448 SF

Lot 3-Lowell Street

New Residence Area Calculations:

Residence 1521 SF

Garage 448 SF

Contact us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design if you want to build a new prefab modular home. We would be delighted to create a custom home design for your project.

Click here to view our custom prefab modular design of a residential duplex for a project property in Santa Ana, California.

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