Vegas Modern Desert Home Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Las Vegas-Custom Home Design-Front Elevation.

It is a new residential project designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, a modern desert home design for the contemporary desert lifestyle of Las Vegas.

In our Heart of Gold series of new home designs for various properties in Las Vegas. We highlighted the exterior home design that is created to reflect the modern desert lifestyle. The building and exterior texture color, “Heart of Gold” from Dunn Edward Paint, were lightened to enhance the Vegas home presentation.

With the existing lot size, we developed a concept design plan for our clients to fit their needs and lifestyles. Traditionally, this is how we create a home design for our clients on every project. The home concept design was a great starting point to work towards in developing the final design plan, as shown below.

Floor Plan

A large open truss roof space encompasses the front entry walkway. The driveway connects to the main front entry entrance and to the three-car garage. 

The large entry hall with the vaulted glass ceilings opens to the grand entry hall gallery. Our modern desert home design has a large, great room. It is adjacent to the dining and chef-style kitchen and back kitchen. This ample room space opens up to the outdoor living area through a large wall door system. 

The full-length doors open out to a linear pool and a large outdoor patio. These open spaces are very conducive to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the desert.

The residence is 6340 square feet. It has three bedrooms and three and one-half baths. Also, another art hall is adjacent to the auxiliary bedrooms. And yes, the rear-facing great room is truly great in size, with lots of space for entertaining.

The large master bedroom suite opens out to an ample patio space. In the master bath, we have designed a private spa for our clients to enjoy.

Vegas Modern Desert Home Design-Floor Plan Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Vegas Modern Desert Home Design-Floor Plan

Exterior Elevations

You can click on this image for an enlarged view of the home’s exterior elevation.

To provide modern custom home design exterior elevations, our team at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design specializes in creating visually stunning and innovative designs that reflect our clients’ unique preferences and lifestyles. Our approach to modern home design emphasizes clean lines, contemporary materials, and harmonious integration with the surrounding environment.

For your specific project, we can develop custom exterior elevations that showcase your Las Vegas home’s modern aesthetic and desert-inspired elements. Our team will carefully consider factors such as lot size, natural lighting, and landscape features to create a design that seamlessly blends with the desert backdrop.

The exterior elevations highlight the architectural features, materials, and finishes for the overall look and feel of a modern custom desert home.

Vegas Modern Desert Home Design-Four Exterior Elevation Plans Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

If you’re interested in exploring modern custom home design exterior elevations for your project in Las Vegas or anywhere in the United States or Canada, we encourage you to contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in bringing your dream home to life.

Contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design for your modern home design in Las Vegas. Or contact us for your project anywhere throughout the United States and Canada. We will work closely with you to ensure that the design meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

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