Phoenix-CMU Block Mid-Century Home Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Phoenix-Mid Century Home Design-CMU Block-Copper Roof.

For our Phoenix Mid-Century Home Design, we created a stunningly modern living space. Our goal was to blend functionality and aesthetics to create a unique home design that stands out from the crowd.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we felt the CMU block (Concrete Masonry Unit) worked well for our modern mid-century home design. This new home project was designed for the desert landscape of Phoenix.

The project site was fairly flat. But it did have a dry creek that filled up during the monsoon season.

Phoenix Property Property View

Exterior Wall Structure

We use a heavy aggregate polish face concrete masonry block for the exterior walls. Rather than using the traditional building method of wood-framed walls. 

Polish Face Concrete Masonry Block

Custom CMU Masonry Block design for the Breezeway and Entry.

Frank Lloyd Wright used the same material for a few of his desert project designs in the greater Phoenix area. For example, the Harold C. Price Sr. House is a great presentation of a mid-century designed home with a CMU masonry block. 

The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, also used a beautifully polished face CMU block for the dining hall structure at their hospital. It’s an appropriate building material against the harsh desert environment.

We like the exposed polished aggregate stone in the concrete masonry block for the walls. For the garage to residence breeze-way and our residence entry walls. The block was made as a see-thru square masonry block pattern.

Features of the Phoenix CMU Block Mid-Century Home Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design created a custom Mid-Century home design that is a two-story split-level home. The main living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room are on the main floor and can be accessed from two side entrances – one from the front entry and office and the other from the open breezeway from the 3-car garage.

There is also a partially enclosed tall patio in front of the living room and the second-floor loft area. This area was designed to protect the inhabitants from the heat of the desert sun.

Main Floor Plan

Because of the very tall and large two-story open space in the main floor living area, there is a spiral staircase that leads to the loft that is above the living room. The outside space of the loft has its own exterior second-floor covered deck space.

The bedroom wing is sunken into the earth a few feet, providing an excellent temperature room space and tall room heights. Each bedroom is a master suite-style design with a full bath and walk-in closet.

Second Floor Plan

Working with so many home styles and materials, trying another building process is always interesting; you learn so much!

Myles McKenzie

Presentation Plans for the Phoenix-CMU Block Mid-Century Home Design

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