Toronto Modern Row House

Rowhouse-Front Elevation-Toronto Canada. Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Designing a modern rowhouse in Toronto, Canada, presents a unique opportunity to create contemporary living in a small space. The challenge lies in optimizing the limited area to meet the owner’s specific requirements. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we excel in crafting custom-designed residences that beautifully merge functionality and style.

Project Design Features

In most cases, row houses are demoed to the building shell. In cases of rot and damaged materials, the row house needs to be completely demoed to the ground. In such cases, we do our best to design a rowhouse that would complement what was previously there or meet local design standards.

1st Floor Design Features

So, in the case of rowhouses, where space is at a premium, we strategically develop the home design for each floor to optimize space usage. For instance, on the main floor, we ensure easy access to the rear yard patio, catering to the owner’s desire to enjoy the outdoor space during the summer and fall months. The garage, entry hall, and storage closet are thoughtfully positioned for convenience.

We centralized the upper second-floor kitchen to anchor the great room, dining space, office, and rear covered patio. This design maximizes the available space and creates a cohesive flow between different areas. The kitchen itself is meticulously designed with modern appliances, ample storage, a large prep island, and a dining bar.

Row House-Toronto Canada-Home Design Floor Plans by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

D – Driveway
E – Entry
H – Front Hall
C – Front Closet
S – Front Storage Closet
G – Front Garage 
D – Den/Nursery
P – Covered Patio & Open Rear Yard Patio
MB – Master Bedroom
B – Master Bath
C – Master Closet
B2 – Front Guest Bedroom
B – Bath 2
C – Closet 2
H – Front Hall
P – Powder Room
K – Kitchen 
GR – Great Room
O – Office/Media Room
P – Covered Patio

2nd Floor Design Features

Considering the owners’ desire to enjoy the rear yard from spring to late fall, we provide two rear-covered patios. These functional additions serve as shelter even on stormy days and seamlessly connect the master suite, den, nursery spaces, and rear yard through large door systems.

The kitchen was placed in the center of the upper second floor, anchoring the great room/dining space and the office and rear covered patio space. 

A sprawling kitchen on the second floor was designed with appliances, pantry storage, and a large prep island and dining bar. The guest bedroom suite or second bedroom is located at the front of the residence.

Modern Rowhouse Elevation Design 

To infuse a touch of classic elegance into the contemporary home design, we incorporate elements of the traditional rowhouse style. For example, materials like red brick are incorporated to enhance the modern presentation, creating a visually striking juxtaposition.

Rear Elevation-Modern Rowhouse Custom Home Design Toronto, Canada

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we aim to listen attentively to our client’s needs and translate their vision into extraordinary spaces. Whether it’s a new home design, a home renovation, a studio, or a barn design, our design and engineering team is dedicated to delivering a one-stop solution that reflects our clients’ lifestyles and style preferences.

Whether it is for a new home design, home renovation, studio, or barn design, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada provides custom home design for all of our projects in Canada.

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