Custom Mountain Home Design Park City, Utah

Custom Mountain Home Design-Park City, Utah

A rustic custom mountain home design was developed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design for our clients in Park City, Utah. The new residence of 2890 square feet and the garage is 535 square feet.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Mountain Home Design-Park City, Utah-Site Plan

The property owners express to us their love of the property location and the beautiful white birch tree forest that surrounds it. 

We took great consideration of the natural forest environment and the significant sloped face of the hill property. Because of this, we develop a home design with multiple floor levels.

It was also important to us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, that the new home design was developed not to overwhelm the project location. But, instead to compliment the property. 

Custom Mountain Home Design-Floor Plans

Our clients had some very distinctive needs to be incorporated into their new home plan. So with all the ideas and necessary needs noted in hand, we started to develop new home design layouts to work with the unique property environment.

A staggered foundation design was developed using ICF insulated forms. This allowed for couple design and structural features to occur, also this enhance the stability for this hillside new home design. One beneficial examples, is that the foundation cut into the hillside was kept to a minimum. Rather than a deep hillside cuts for the foundation structure, smaller hillside cuts were made. Allowing to keep as many white birch trees as possible.

This unique floor plan design was created specifically for our client’s lifestyle in Park City, Utah.

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Lower Floor Level

The lower floor level consisted of the main garage level. Also, the mechanical and lower laundry room.

Main Floor Level

On the main floor level of this mountain home design in Park City, Utah, the main living area has auxiliary bedrooms, which are located there. Additionally, the large entertaining space of the great room is located over the lower garage level.

Our clients also enjoy having gatherings with friends and family. They wanted to have an unique dining area, right off of the chef style kitchen. So we designed a oval shaped dining room that could view the chef style kitchen.

In the living room space, it has high vaulted ceiling spaces, along with a turret entry hall ceiling design.

Park City,Utah-Custom Home Design-2nd Floor Plan

Upper Floor Level

For the upper 3rd floor level, the master suite and open oval library was designed for this mountain home design in Park City, Utah. The open library, overlooks into the kitchen.

Park City, Utah-Custom Home Design-3rd Floor Plan

Whether it’s an beautifully rustic home design for the mountain community of Park City, Utah. Maybe even a commercial tenant improvement project. Contact us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design today for our custom home or commercial project design services.

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