Eldorado Stone for Interior and Exterior Fireplaces

Eldorado Stone-Euroledge Cottonwood with Soho Boutique Summer Wheat Honed-Fireplace

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Orange County California, we use and recommend Eldorado Stone. We recommend Eldorado Stone’s stone products for their elegant stone veneer facings. Which are a great product for interior and exterior fireplace facing. Also, the product works really well for any of the accent walls applications that we design for our custom homes and home remodel projects.

Contact us today either by phone or by email to set an design consultation appointment. We would be happy to discuss how we can design a room addition for your home. Or maybe a custom new home with a fireplace facing with Eldorado Stone.

Image Gallery Of Eldorado Stone For Interior And Exterior Fireplaces

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