Home Remodel Design & Room Addition Design

Home Remodel Design, Room Addition Design in Newport Beach by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

For more than 30 years, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design has been specializing in home remodel design throughout the United States and Canada. Providing design and construction plan services for new homes and room additions as well.

So as a home designers, not only do we possess years of expertise in designing and developing the construction documentation for every project. But in addition to this, we have many years of actual construction experience on various project sites. Performing the actual jobs in the field of construction. This, in turn, understanding construction applications and how trades may have various means of constructing applications differently. We also provide project management for our clients.

How are the Home Remodel Design and Construction Plans Develop?

Home Remodel Design & Room Addition Design-Newport Beach
Construction Plans for Home Remodel Design, Room Addition Design

Each of our project designs and construction plans is developed with our client’s needs and or with the builder’s requirements in mind. Making the project a buildable project.

The city or county-approved construction plans communicate to the building officials, building contractors, material suppliers, lenders, and others what they need to know about the project.

We always mention to our clients, that is easier to develop a project on paper. Which is always less costly and less time-consuming than developing the project in the field during construction!

Contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Las Vegas or in Bluffton today! We would enjoy discussing developing a home remodel design or a room addition design for your next project.

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