Kitchen Design for Kitchen Remodel Addition

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For a kitchen design, kitchen remodel or addition design, contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Orange County California. We believe that the kitchen is generally the heart of any home.

However, this is only so if the kitchen boasts a good working environment. So therefore it’s design and functionally is very important to the family of the home. Otherwise, a bad design is equally detrimental to a home and family.

Activities that take place in the kitchen can set a healthy environment for a family cohesion. This room is generally the most used of all in a home.

Kitchen design and home remodeling or addition design is the home improvement job that adds the most value to your house. It convert an old fashioned, dated kitchen into the showpiece of your home.

Our design procedure for a new Kitchen Design

Designing your ultimate kitchen should be a rewarding experience. After you have gathered ideas for your kitchen from a variety sources. The fun begins when you start to actually incorporate all the different design ideas into a coherent concept for your perfect kitchen. This is the time to ask for assistance from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, were we would be happy to develop that perfect kitchen with you.

When we meet with our clients throughout California, we always measure the existing kitchen and adjacent rooms. Also if applicable, we discuss exterior property surroundings for an home addition as well. Then after that, the place to start is to develop a dimensional design plan. This design plan will show your existing kitchen space and adjacent rooms. From there, knowing the boundaries and needs of our clients, we develop a new kitchen design reflecting your lifestyle in California.

We include the locations of any new door or windows systems and appliance locations. Accurately mark where your plumbing and electrical fixtures are to be located as well.

Of course, their are endless possibilities for cabinet finishes, countertop materials, fixtures, etc. So when we meet to together to review the proposed design, we will discuss all these options to dial in the new kitchen design.

Contact us today and let’s discuss together a new kitchen design remodel addition design for your home.

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