Metal Container ADU

ADU Container Design and Construction Plans for Roof and Realm

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are very excited to be to be designing and developing Metal Container ADU plans for our clients Roof and Realm. ADU (Auxiliary dwelling unit) residences are very popular in California. This is because of the limited city space for new residential construction.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design was chosen to develop standardize model plans for the metal modular container ADU units for Roof and Realm. Also additionally, because of our design experience in developing metal container and modular vacation homes for clients throughout the United States and Canada.

The metal modular container ADU’s from Roof and Realm will be available in four ADU model sizes. Model X16 is a 8 x 20 container. The model X32 is two 8 x 20 Containers, placed together to make a complete ADU residence. Additionally, the last model is the X48 model. It is three 8 x 20 container units placed together to make a ADU residence. The largest size for the ADU modular container is the X100. It is 960 square feet

Roof And Realm-X100 ADU Modular Container designed and construction plans by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.
Roof And Realm-X100 ADU Modular Container designed and construction plans by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

The ADU models will be available with optional sloped roofs and flat ceilings. For the larger size models, they will have optional auxiliary bedrooms layouts for their floor plans.

Each model will have a full bath and a kitchenette. Plus an open living space as a standard design feature. See the images below. The ADU models will be all designed with the latest smart home features of a modern home.

Metal Container ADU

From Roof and Realm, the model 320 Cube and Vaulted Slope unit, exterior and interior designs.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would enjoy discussing a custom metal container home for your private residence or a modular container design for an ADU residence or for a vacation home.

You can also clink on our link provided to contact Roof and Realm. They would be happy to discuss with you, the various units of their metal modular ADU containers.

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