Metal Container Design

Metal Container Home Design is the portfolio of metal modular container home designs, and metal container ADU designs from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

The reuse of metal shipping containers for custom container homes is a great starting point for a green home design. Reusing metal shipping containers is also an excellent structure for a vacation home on a lakefront property or other private property.

Recently, we have been using metal containers for ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit) and affordable housing residences. Shipping metal containers can also be used for commercial applications, such as drive-thru coffee house.

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Affordable Housing-Metal Container

Affordable housing is a necessity for all communities. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we have designed an affordable housing complex using metal shipping containers for a property in Renton, Washington.

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Metal Container Home Design

Through the years, we have been asked to design affordable housing at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Metal container home design was our first design solution for a Vacation Home Design

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Metal Container Coffee House Design

A metal container is an optimal selection for a drive-thru coffee house design. Utilizing metal shipping containers has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in this particular application.

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