Metal Container-Coffee House Design

Metal Container-Coffee House Design. Design by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design transformed a metal container into a drive-through coffee house, inspiring creativity and innovation in repurposing everyday structures.

Concept Design

Our concept design illustrates the conversion of an already existing metal container into a fully functional drive-through coffee house. The design is well thought-out, keeping in mind the needs of a coffee house, with all the necessary equipment laid out. The ample space provided inside the container can easily accommodate multiple cabinets, refrigerators, pantries, sinks, espresso machines, coffee grinders, and coffee makers.

The cabinetry is designed to store coffee cups, lids, and other necessary items. The refrigerators are spacious enough to store milk, creamers, and other perishable items. The pantry can hold coffee beans, syrups, and other non-perishable items.

The sinks are designed to facilitate easy cleaning of utensils, dishes, and other equipment. The espresso machines, coffee grinders, and coffee makers are placed in such a way that they can be easily accessed and operated by the barista.

All in all, the design of the drive-through coffee house is well-planned and executed, providing ample space for equipment and ensuring that the baristas can efficiently operate the coffee house.

Container Coffee House Construction Plans

The coffeehouse has been situated on a corner lot, allowing for convenient access through the drive-through. The exit has been designed in a manner that facilitates the use of one-way traffic. While entry through the lot is also possible, the container coffeehouse is best suited for drive-through purposes.

The placement of the establishment on a corner lot ensures that it can be accessed with ease. The drive-through has been designed to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic with one-way access. The use of a container coffeehouse is recommended for drive-through purposes, given its suitability for the purpose.

Overall, the coffeehouse has been strategically located to allow for maximum accessibility, with the drive-through being the most convenient means of access. The use of a container coffeehouse further enhances the suitability of this establishment for drive-through purposes.

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