Modern Modular Home Design

Recently, we designed a custom modern modular home design with attached ADU. It is another form of home construction. It can be designed to be fire and earthquake resistant, along with cost effective means for building a new home.

Roof and Realm, a modular ADU company in California, asked for us design a custom modern modular home with attached ADU. The project design was for an infill property in Walnut Creek, California.

In this particular project design case, our design parameters were the use of 40 foot by 8 foot and 20 foot by 8 foot steel modular container frames for the main residence. These modular containers frames are to be used for the development of the substructure for a new modern home design.

Additionally, the clients wanted to have a 960 square-foot ADU with a separate entrance to the ADU for guests. This ADU structure would be attached to the residence structure.

Our design consultation with our clients is always, one of our favorite parts of any new home design process. We love helping to find the best options to fit the needs and the unique style of our clients. We do this by, working closely with them. Making sure that they completely understand our vision for their home. For us, there‚Äôs nothing better than seeing our clients get excited with the design of their future house.

So, with these design parameters as a standard, we got started on developing a new modern 4-bedroom home. Additionally, developing an ADU design to be built off site modularly. We customized the floor plan and layout to meet the needs of our clients for a totally unique home.

Modular Home Design-Floor Plans

Roof and Realm Modern Modular Home Design ADU-1st Floor Plan
Roof and Realm Modern Modular Home Design ADU-2nd Floor Plan

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