Portfolio 4-Container Home Design

Metal Container Home Design

Portfolio 4-Container Home Design, is the design portfolio of custom metal and modular container homes, ADUs of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

The reuse of metal shipping containers for custom container homes is a great starting point for a green home design. Additionally, the reuse of metal shipping containers is a great structure for a vacation home on lakefront property. Recently the use of metal containers has been utilized for ADU residences. ADU stands for an auxiliary dwelling unit.

Affordable Housing – Metal Container – Renton, WA.

Affordable housing is a necessity for all communities. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we have designed a metal container affordable housing complex. Each housing cluster has 3 stackable units. All of the housing units for each cluster, are based upon a reusable 8×20 High Cube Metal Container.

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30 Unit Affordable Housing Complex-Renton Washington-Elevation Plans

Metal Container ADU

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we are developing ADU designs and construction plans for our clients, Roof and Realm of Concord California. Their ADU units are a steel modular system.

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Metal Container ADU by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

Custom Metal Container Home-2 Story

Continue to read and view additional images for our custom metal container 2-story home design for a vacation lakefront property. This raised two-story property was designed to accommodate possible area flooding.

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Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Custom Metal Container Home-2 Story-Front-Rear Elevation

Metal Container Home Design-01

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Metal Container Home Design

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We provide unique container home designs with construction plans for various property situations. We would enjoy discussing with you a new custom metal container home design for you.

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A collection of building designs and construction plan development for new custom homes, home remodels, and home additions. Additionally, a portfolio of our building design for small houses, multi-unit homes, and vacation homes for properties throughout the United States and Canada.

See additional design examples from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Canada of metal shipping containers used for such a property.

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