Residential Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Conceptual Front Elevation-Johnson

Our residential design process leads to developing construction plans for new homes or home renovations and remodeling design by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

When a homeowner outlines their project needs, the initial phase of concept residential design begins. This phase involves creating concept designs that showcase the proposed project design. It’s important to note that the term “concept residential design” can be perplexing and may refer to different stages in the home design process, which may lead to confusion among clients.

During this phase, the design details, such as building materials, fixtures, appliances, unique building features, doors, and windows, are refined until construction documents are created from the approved plan.

Concept Residential Design-Johnson Residence-Palm Desert California
Concept Residential Design-Johnson Residence-Palm Desert, California.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is a design firm that has been operational for over three decades, offering design services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. The vast experience that the firm has amassed over the years has enabled it to provide exceptional design solutions for each project undertaken. Homeowners who opt to work with the firm stand to benefit significantly from its wealth of experience.

The firm’s track record of excellence is anchored on its team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to every project. Myles McKenzie, the lead designer, has over three decades of experience in the industry, and his expertise has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s design philosophy. McKenzie’s keen eye for detail and his ability to translate clients’ ideas into exceptional designs have earned him a reputation as one of the finest designers in the industry.

Overall, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design remains committed to delivering exceptional design solutions to all its clients. The firm’s extensive experience, coupled with its team of seasoned professionals, ensures that all projects are completed to the highest standards. Homeowners looking to work with a reputable and experienced design firm will find the services Myles Nelson McKenzie Design offers invaluable.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design for your next project. We would like for us to develop a new residential design to meet your lifestyle and needs.