San Clemente Italian Villa Design-Remodel Addition

San Clemente Italian Villa Design-Remodel Addition

This particular project has been always a special project for us at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. Many years ago in San Clemente California, we created and developed a Italian Villa design for these particular property owners.

A city lot was very small!  It had a little beach bungalow on it.  The size of which, was just over 1300 sf. With the new Italian Villa design for the home style of the remodel and 2nd floor addition, we enlarged the residence to 2811 sf.

You can click on the images below to view existing small beach house and the new home remodel and addition under construction.

Italian Villa Design-remodel and addition under construction.

Examples below of the original hand drawn presentation plans for the city of San Clemente Design Review. The reason for this, was  the existing property was with-in 300 ft of historical Ole Hanson property. It was unanimous approved of the proposed Italian Villa design.

The residence will be 27 years old this year! For 2018, it still looks so elegant for this little property.


Whether it’s time to remodel, add an addition to your home or build a new home, contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would enjoy discussing your project with you and developing a design that will suit your needs.

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